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Saturday, January 04, 2003  

Tom Daschle is running for president. This is yet another important South Dakota story with the Argus Leader on the sidelines. I can't link to the Argus, I have to link to a paper in New York City (and it's not the Times). The Argus is relegated to writing about what's written in the NY Daily News. David Kranz will glance through lexis-nexis to see what other papers and columnists are saying about Daschle and regurgitate them for the Argus. I could do David Kranz's job. No, anyone could do Kranz's job. He uses no analysis, no sources, just what other papers and columnists are writing. Argus journalism at its finest.

UPDATE: Here's the NY Times story.

posted by Jason | 2:05 PM

This wouldn't be an authentic South Dakota blog if we didn't comment on the death of Joe Foss. I was in the Sioux Falls Airport this past Tuesday, and while waiting for my girlfriend to pick me up, I remember gazing at the statue of Joe Foss and thinking to myself "there's a true American hero." I've gone by that statue many times, but it seemed especially meaningful for me that day. I was in a reflective mood, pondering the war in which we are currently engaged, and wondering if I could ever measure up to a man like Joe Foss. Not many people do.

UPDATE: The Rapid City Journal has a nice eulogy for Joe Foss

posted by Jason | 12:53 PM

Here's an interesting development. This woman is hallucinating if she thinks her case will go anywhere. Last I heard, she's a pro se plaintiff.

posted by Jason | 12:22 PM

What better way to start off this new blog than with this from the Argus Leader editorial board. Those pesky Republicans have the temerity to keep complaining about voter fraud in the past election. One of the themes of this blog will be the lazy journalism practiced by South Dakota's flagship newspaper, the Sioux Falls Argus Leader. They have yet to conduct any type of credible investigative piece on the voter fraud that occurred on the reservations, taking their cues from outgoing attorney general Mark Barnett. Since when does a supposedly credible newspaper take at face value what a state government official says and not bother to dig deeper into the story? If the Argus would do a thorough investigative report on the story, the "yammering" would stop. I've learned more about this story from way out-of-state sources like the Wall Street Journal and the National Review. Admittedly, these sources are sources with an agenda, but why does the Argus Leader have to shrink away from these sources like a vampire shrinks away from a cross? Does this tell you that the Argus Leader has an agenda?

posted by Jason | 12:03 PM
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