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Saturday, March 08, 2003  

A New York Times reporter was in Mitchell recently, doing a story on George McGovern and the new peace movement. On a tangential note, I watched All the President's Men last night, and some of the lines about George McGovern's 1972 candidacy were hilarious. The guy's campaign imploded so badly that nobody wanted to be his running mate after Eaglton bowed out. But on a more rueful note, why in the hell were Nixon and his re-election organization doing their dirty tricks when their opponent was the inept senator from South Dakota? As one character said in the movie, it doesn't make any sense.

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A USD professor emeritus wonders why we're picking on the French. Benno, I'm glad you asked. First of all it's not even rational to imply that the US may one day be rolling tanks into Paris. I think the main reason we're bashing the French is because they have this annoying inability to show some gratitude for the American blood expended to keep them from speaking German in not one, but two world wars. Couldn't they at least give us a little bit of the benefit of the doubt, particularly when the majority of Americans have the sincere and heartfelt belief that Saddam is a threat to national security that we can no longer allow to gather strength? Notice how Benno doesn't even address these arguments. One of the rules in academia is to seriously consider arguments that run counter to your position. Benno has utterly failed to do this, and it's really difficult to take him seriously when he talks about American tanks rolling through Paris. I would hope that a university professor could write a more persuasive letter to the editor than this tripe.

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Friday, March 07, 2003  

Tom Daschle, master of the flip-flop:

Also Thursday, Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle -- a Democrat from South Dakota who voted last fall in favor of a war resolution -- broke with the administration, saying Bush had failed diplomatically and an invasion of Iraq would be premature.

Daschle said he believes the president is ``rushing to war without an adequate concern for the ramifications of doing so unilaterally or with a very small coalition.''

It's amazing how quickly the chameleon changes its colors after an election. Remember that the war resolution came up a month before the 2002 elections, and Tom was bitching about the "politicization" of the war. It's almost as if Tom has forgotten there's another election coming, and that his opponent will very likely be John Thune.

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Thursday, March 06, 2003  

Greg Belfrage reports on a state representative whose comments give evidence that a village somewhere must be missing its idiot: "SD Lawmaker says US Invited 9/11 Attacks."

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If there's anybody out there who can point me to some treatises on the First Amendment, particularly the free exercise clause, please e-mail me. I'm working on a paper discussing the status of the free exercise doctrine after City of Hialeah. Thank you in advance.

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Check out and add your two cents on our two senators.

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Kudos and congratulations are in order for Representative Matt McCaulley, who exercised an extraordinary amount of leadership, vision, and plain hard work in shepherding the voter identification bill to Governor Rounds' desk. Here is a detailed account of the debate in the Senate committee. As regular readers know, this bill has been a priority at SDP, and it is extremely gratifying to see it succeed in passing both houses of the legislature. Now begins the effort to lobby Gov. Rounds to sign the bill into law. For a compelling argument in support of voter identification, read John Fund's recent piece on the subject. The Yankton Press and Dakotan and the Mitchell Daily Republic (which, it seems, no longer has a website) are both urging the governor to sign the bill. There is a critical mass of support for the voter identification bill, and it will be interesting to see how the Argus Leader editorial board will weigh in on this bill, given that critical mass has been achieved.

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Sunday, March 02, 2003  

It's spring break week here at USD, and so posting will be sparse, as I am elsewhere. Actually, posting will be nonexistent until at least Wednesday. But never fear, your correspondent will return to blogging with a vengeance after this much needed break!

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