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Saturday, December 06, 2003  

JANKLOW TRIAL UPDATE: Congressman Janklow took the stand this morning, and the AP's Carson Walker supplies an account, headlined "Janklow Takes Stand in Manslaughter Trial." During his testimony, Janklow denied that he blew through a stop sign at the same intersection eight months earlier.

The LA Times has covers yesterday's events at the trial with a story headlined "Doctor Details Janklow's Health Status at Trial."

The Washington Post has a story covering yesterday's events at the trial headlined "Janklow Defense Nears End Of Case; Congressman Faces Decision on Testifying."

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QUOTE OF THE DAY: "I was subpoenaed, but I would have done it anyway." - Senator Tom Daschle, commenting on his appearance and testimony at the trial of Congressman Bill Janklow, as recorded in today's edition of the Rapid City Journal.

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Friday, December 05, 2003  

The Chicago Tribune offers a detailed report of yesterday's developments in the trial of Congressman Janklow.

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JANKLOW TRIAL UPDATE: The AP's Carson Walker has a report on the latest events in the trial of Congressman Janklow, headlined "Daschle Testifies at Janklow's Trial."

The Rapid City Journal is reporting: "Janklow expected to testify."

The Washington Post has a report headlined "Daschle Takes Witness Stand For Janklow; Democratic Leader Testifies About Colleague's Character."

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The New York Times has a story in today's edition about Senator Daschle's appearance at Congressman Janklow's trial, headlined "One Top Political Figure Testifies for Another in South Dakota." The story contains an interesting graf:

In the mid-1990's, Mr. Daschle faced allegations that he had misused his influence in an investigation of the fatal crash of a Rapid City charter plane. Mr. Janklow publicly and vehemently defended Mr. Daschle. Mr. Daschle, in turn, sent a long thank-you letter to Mr. Janklow. The friendship was sealed.

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Thursday, December 04, 2003  

JANKLOW TRIAL UPDATE: KELO-TV reports that Senator Daschle testified at Congressman Janklow's trial today. Excerpt:

Daschle, who has known Janklow for 30 years, was also asked about the Congressman's character.

"I think he’s a very truthful person," Daschle told the court. "We have a close relationship personally and professionally and I’ve appreciated that friendship all these years."


This AP photo was taken the day of the accident.

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Jeff Gannon, resident DC expert on South Dakota politics, has a new article up headlined "Boeing Deal Reviewed After Exec Firings."

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SDP reader Cory Skluzak informs me of another Drey Samuelson comment that appeared on a left-wing website this past June. Drey Samuelson is Senator Tim Johnson's chief of staff. The comment reads:

"It's my understanding that MoveOn is going to verify the results of their election by doing a poll of their members to make sure that someone hasn't manipulate the poll--either electronically or by the Freeper method described.

I wholeheartedly endorse the idea of the election--the only chance we have to beat Dubya is to come up with effective ways to counter the incredible pot of money he's going to have, and MoveOn could well be one of the key pieces to the puzzle..."

Yesterday, I noted that Samuelson thinks Congressman Janklow will be found guilty.

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JANKLOW TRIAL UPDATE: Tom Daschle, longtime friend of Bill Janklow, may take the witness stand this afternoon on Janklow's behalf.

The AP's Carson Walker is doing an outstanding job covering the Janklow trial. His latest report is headlined "Prosecutors Rest Case in Janklow Trial."

The LA Times has a report in today's edition headlined "Prosecution Wraps Up in Janklow Trial."

The Washington Post's T.R. Reid, who late last summer reported a false story about Janklow hiring someone to investigate Randy Scott's background, has a report in today's edition headlined "Janklow Jury Told of Earlier Near-Accident."

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Wednesday, December 03, 2003  

The Democratic blog Daily Kos has many interesting comments on the Janklow trial, including a comment that is apparently from Drey Samuelson, Senator Tim Johnson's chief of staff. Drey Samuelson writes the following:

"I think he'll be found guilty, although the trial is taking place in Moody County, where he grew up. Still, the preponderance of the evidence is so great--he almost killed a woman at the same intersection (so she says, anyway) a year before--that I'm betting he is found guilty of manslaughter. We'll soon see, anyway.
The interesting political question is who will win his seat--my bet is Stephanie Herseth, who narrowly lost to Janklow when he was a much stronger candidate."

Folks, that's news. The Argus Leader will probably run a story tomorrow with the head "Senator's staffer thinks Janklow will be found guilty." Oh wait....

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WHERE'S THE CLOUT? The American Spectator's "Washington Prowler" has an article headlined "Terminating Tom," that claims Tom Daschle is in danger of losing his leadership position to Chris Dodd or Hillary Clinton, should he win re-election in 2004. Excerpt:

"He said he's running for re-election, but probably just to lose his leadership position when he comes back in 2005 after the election," says a DNC staffer. "Everyone wants to move Hillary [Clinton] up the leadership ladder, but they doubt she can step in as minority leader. People are assuming someone like [Christopher] Dodd will take the top slot for at least some period of time, with Clinton as assistant leader...."

Daschle, according to leadership staffers, is committed to running for re-election to the Senate. "I can't see him stepping aside now," says a staffer. "That would just screw things up for the party even more than things already are." But he seems resigned to losing his leadership post after the next election, which might see Republicans actually gain two or three seats.

On a related note, the Aberdeen American News picks up on the state GOP radio ad questioning Tom Daschle's ability to deliver.

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DASCHLE HAVING IT BOTH WAYS ON ABORTION: Amy Sullivan, a staffer for Tom Daschle when the senator floated a maternal health exception for partial-birth abortion as a "compromise," has an article in this month's Washington Monthly headlined "A Time to Choose." (Via The Corner).

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JANKLOW TRIAL UPDATE: The AP's Carson Walker is reporting this afternoon under the headline "Trooper Testifies on Janklow's Speeding."

The LA Times has a story in today's edition headlined "Tape Shown Jury Captures Janklow's Words, Horror."

The New York Times has a story in today's edition headlined "His Jury Sees Rep. Janklow Placing Blame."

The Washington Post's T.R. Reid, who reported a false story late last summer regarding Janklow hiring someone to investigate Randy Scott's background, has a story in today's edition headlined "Janklow's Defense Attacked; Congressman Blames Fatal Crash on Diabetes."

Canada's National Post has a biased story headlined "'Maniac' U.S. congressman stands trial; Unrepentant speeder could face 10-year prison term."

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Tuesday, December 02, 2003  

FLASHBACK: SDP notes with amusement that Boeing's CEO has resigned due to the sweetheart deal between Boeing and the Pentagon regarding the leasing of 100 air-refueling tankers by the Air Force. Boeing is one of Linda Daschle's clients. A few months ago, I discussed the fact that Senate lobbying documents indicate Linda Daschle did lobbying work for Boeing on the very bill that authorized the leasing of the tankers, a post you can access HERE.

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JANKLOW TRIAL UPDATE: The AP has a new report this afternoon headlined "Friend of Victim Cries on Stand in Janklow Trial."

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The South Dakota Republican Party has begun running radio ads statewide, primarily on agriculture stations, that question Tom Daschle's ability to deliver for South Dakota on the energy bill. The script is as follows:

Randy Frederick, Chairman of the S.D. GOP: The Republican Party of South Dakota paid for this ad and is responsible for its content.

Announcer: Passing the ethanol energy bill in Congress could have meant a lot of new jobs for South Dakota and it would have created new markets for our farmers.
Tom Daschle had the opportunity to deliver for us… but he didn’t.
When it counted, he couldn’t even get one third of his Senate Democrats to support the bill.
If Daschle has clout he would have delivered.
Call Tom Daschle and tell him to deliver for South Dakota.

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Monday, December 01, 2003  

JANKLOW TRIAL UPDATE: The AP's Carson Walker reports a story headlined "Janklow lawyer: Only fool or someone with death wish would blow sign."

The New York Times has a story for the Tuesday edition headlined "Neighbors Fill Jury for Congressman Charged in Fatal Crash."

The Washington Post's T.R. Reid, who reported a false story late last summer about Janklow hiring someone to investigate Randy Scott, has a story for the Tuesday edition of the Post headlined "Janklow Advances Medical Defense; Diabetic Reaction Marred Judgment in Fatal Crash, Defense Tells Jury."

While the AP and the NYT stories both mention that Tom Daschle has been called to testify at Janklow's trial, T.R. Reid has yet to report that interesting piece of information.

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FREUDIAN SLIP?: An alert reader points out a mistake in David Kranz's column yesterday. Kranz writes that Tom Daschle's book is entitled "No Ordinary Time," when in fact it is entitled "Like No Other Time."

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According to the Providence Journal (registration), Tom Daschle will be in Providence, Rhode Island later this month for a fundraiser.

Daschle holding R.I. fundraiser

Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota is coming to Rhode Island for a fundraiser for his campaign on Dec. 17. South Dakota voters supported George W. Bush over Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election and if former GOP Rep. John Thune runs against Daschle, it would likely be a close race.

Sen.Jack Reed is hosting the fundraiser at the home of Providence lawyer Jack McConnell. Tickets are $500 and $1,000.

Providence, Rhode Island is a long, long way from Aberdeen, South Dakota.

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QUOTE FOR THE DAY: "I've raised $6.5 million, I've hired 30 people, I've run ads, I've been home almost 100 days this year. I don't know what else one would have to do to send as clear a message as I can that my intention is to be re-elected." - Tom Daschle, recorded in this week's edition of U.S. News and World Report. (Via Taegan Goddard's Political Wire).

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JANKLOW ACCIDENT UPDATE: The AP's Carson Walker has an update on the jury selection process in Congressman Janklow's trial, which began today.

UPDATE: The Washington Post's T.R. Reid, who broke a false story late last summer about Janklow hiring a private investigator to investigate Randy Scott's background, also has a report today, headlined "Lawmaker's Trial Starts Today In Crash That Killed Cyclist; S.D. Constituents' Support for Rep. Janklow Is Waning."

Notably missing from Reid's report is the fact that Tom Daschle has been subpoenaed to testify at the trial by Bill Janklow.

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Sunday, November 30, 2003  

I just viewed the latter half of C-Span's BookNotes program featuring an interview with Tom Daschle about his book. Brian Lamb was almost Russert-like in asking Daschle about Linda Hall Daschle, Tom's lobbyist wife. A few weeks ago, when I flipped through the index of Daschle's book to see what he had to say about his wife, I noticed that at one point he writes that his wife is a "public policy analyst" and that later in the book he finally uses the L-word to describe her. Brian Lamb asked him about this! It was incredible.

Brian Lamb also asked Daschle if he ever catches any heat back in South Dakota about his wife being a lobbyist. Daschle's answer was, in short, that he did not.

'Cept for that one blog.

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JANKLOW ACCIDENT UPDATE: The AP is reporting a good summary going into jury selection of Congressman Janklow's trial tomorrow morning, with the headline "Janklow heads to trial in traffic accident death."

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Don't forget to vote!

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KRANZ WATCH: David Kranz, Tom Daschle's college chum and the dean of South Dakota political reporters, has a piece today headlined "Stalemate over energy bill produces no political winners." Notably missing from the piece are the comments Senator George Allen made during his visit last weekend to South Dakota regarding Tom Daschle's lackluster effort on the energy bill.

The word on the street is that Kranz and the Argus Leader refused a personal invitation to attend the George Allen event held in Sioux Falls last weekend. Also, the word is that the Daschle people are apoplectic that Rapid City Journal political reporter Denise Ross published her interview of Senator Allen as a transcript instead of challenging Allen's statements.

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DASCHLE GETS SUCKED IN: According to the Rapid City Journal, Tom Daschle has been subpoenaed by Congressman Janklow to testify at Congressman Janklow's trial. It's no secret that Janklow and Daschle are pals. But this development puts Daschle in a dicey situation, and events might develop in such a way as to further damage Daschle's re-election prospects. Things are really going to start shaking out in South Dakota politics this week, and it will be interesting to see who is left standing and who is down for the count when the dust settles.

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ED SCHULTZ WATCH: A recent story on CBS MarketWatch, headlined "Ed Schultz is talk radio's `Great Liberal Hope'," discusses the efforts Tom Daschle has made on behalf of Ed Schultz, the Fargo, ND radio personality purported to be the Democratic Rush Limbaugh. Excerpt:

As the U.S. heads into a presidential election in 2004, Sen. Tom Daschle of South Dakota has high hopes for Ed Schultz.

No, Schultz isn't a candidate for the White House -- or any other office, for that matter. Schultz is a radio talk-show host in Fargo, N.D., who loves to vent on the air about politics. Daschle and other Democrats are counting on Schultz to help them counter the conservative wave on the radio and communicate their liberal message to the American people....

Daschle, speaking on a panel at Newsweek headquarters on Nov. 17, noted that Democrats lack a presence on talk-radio stations. "We've got to have that," Daschle said.

When Newsweek's Jonathan Alter said Schultz sounded newsworthy, Daschle declared: "IT IS A STORY!"

Of course, the Democrats have had a dominating presence for years on FM radio, namely the taxpayer funded NPR. Isn't it interesting how energetically Daschle is pitching Ed Schultz to the national media? And yet there really hasn't been that much excitement about Schultz. I think SDP and the North Dakota blog Lone Prairie are the only blogs that have ever discussed Ed Schultz at any length. There's a wealth of information on SDP about Schultz if you look through the SDP archives on the right side of this page. Or just do a Google search with the phrase "Ed Schultz Watch."

For some useful background info on Shultz click HERE. Also, see this transcript from Schultz's appearance on "Scarborough Country," where Ed Meese twice tells Ed Schultz to shut up!

UPDATE: One of the links above is to a report in The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, a publication Ed Schultz has been at war with for some time now. Forum Publishing owns WDAY, where Schultz used to work. Bill Marcil is publisher of The Forum. Below is a quote from Ed Schultz regarding Bill Marcil, dated December 15, 2000:

"Over the next several months I will attack Bill Marcil verbally, his wife, his son and tell stories of the troubles they have had and how they treat people. If this is the game they want to play I'll be glad to make up some new rules. Marcil, you are scum in my world. There is nothing All American about you, your family, or your paper in this city."

You can access the passage above in its context HERE.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Schultz also has a Bill O'Reilly-like problem with receiving the Peabody Award, as you can read in one of my recent posts.

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